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The Clutter Connection : How Your Personality Type Determines Why You Organize the Way You Do
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Discover your unique Organizing Personality Type and Strategies for a more productive and clutter-free life. <p>A new book by the author of Real Life Organizing and Cluttered Mess to Organized Success Workbook </p> <p>Fans of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy by Marie Kondo and The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin will love The Clutter Connection by organization expert Cassandra Aarssen.</p> <p>An organization book for diverse habits: _You_re not messy, you just organize differently_. The Clutter Connection examines and explains the correlation between brain types and how they directly relate to organization and clutter. Cassandra Aarssen smashes the stereo_type that some people are _naturally messy_ and offers readers insight and real-life solutions based on their unique personal organizing style. The Clutter Connection will help you get organized, be more productive and finally understand the why behind your clutter.</p> <p>Individualized real life organizing: Organizing isn_t one size fits all. Let go of the preconceived and conventional notions of what organization looks like and finally discover what Clutterbug you are. With self-awareness comes happiness, personal growth and lasting change.</p> <p>The Clutter Connection examines:</p> The four different organizing styles and how they relate to each other How motivation and happiness can be directly affected by our space The _3P_s_ - Productivity, procrastination and perfectionism and how they are connected to your unique organizing style How you can finally become clutter-free simply by knowing yourself better <p>Know your habits and declutter your space</p>
Table of Contents
Introductionp. 10
Chapter 1The messy mythp. 18
Chapter 2What Clutterbug Are you?p. 30
The Science Behind the Clutterbug Philosophyp. 32
Is Organizational Style Related to Learning Styles?p. 33
The Logical Conclusionp. 36
Let's Get Organized!p. 38
What Clutterbug Are You?p. 47
Chapter 3The Butterflyp. 49
A Butterfly Brainp. 52
A Butterfly Breakdownp. 64
Butterfly Strengthsp. 65
Making the Transition from Cluttered to Cleanp. 71
Getting Startedp. 73
Chapter 4Living or Working with a Butterflyp. 78
Mission: Possiblep. 79
Macro Magicp. 82
Chapter 5The Beep. 95
A Bee Brainp. 97
A Bee Breakdownp. 116
Bee Strengthsp. 117
Chapter 6Living or Working with a Beep. 127
The Hustle and Bustle of a Busy Beep. 128
Living with a Beep. 129
Chapter 7The Ladybugp. 145
A Ladybug Brainp. 147
Organizational Simplicityp. 150
Hello, Hidey-Hoarderp. 152
A Ladybug Breakdownp. 165
Ladybug Strengthsp. 166
Getting Startedp. 174
Chapter 8Living or Working with a Ladybugp. 177
Feathering the nestp. 178
Playing Hide-and-Seekp. 180
A Long Line of Ladybugsp. 183
The Secret for Successp. 185
Living with a Ladybugp. 193
Chapter 9The Cricketp. 197
A Cricket Brainp. 199
Perfectionism Paralysisp. 202
A Cricket Breakdownp. 212
Cricket Strengthsp. 214
Chapter 10Living or Working with a Cricketp. 224
My Husband the Cricketp. 225
Piles for Milesp. 229
A Cricket Plan of fictionp. 236
Compromising with a Cricketp. 237
Chapter 11Leveling Upp. 241
Life Is (Kind of) Like a Video Gamep. 242
Running Your Home Like a Bossp. 243
Structure Is Freedomp. 244
Today's the Dayp. 247
Acknowledgmentsp. 253
About the Authorp. 255
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