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This Scorched Earth
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<p> This Scorched Earth is an amazing tour de force depicting a family's journey from near-devastation in the Civil War to their rebirth in the American West, from New York Times bestselling author William Gear. </p> <p>The Civil War tore at the very roots of our nation and destroyed most of a generation.</p> <p>In rural Arkansas, the Hancocks were devastated by that war. They not only lost everything, but experienced an unimaginable hell.</p> <p>How does a traumatized human being put themselves back together? Where does a person begin to heal his or her broken mind...and does one choose damnation or redemption? For the Hancock siblings: Doc, Sarah, Butler, and Billy, the American frontier becomes a metaphor for the wilderness within--raw, and capable of being shaped. Self-salvation, however, always comes with a price.</p> <p>Their journey is a testament to the power of love...and the American spirit.</p> <p>This is their story. And ours.</p>
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