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This is Christmas
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Nature and kinship anchor this story, a dialogue between a curious young chipmunk and his mother. Asked by her child what Christmas is, the mother responds, "Christmas is many things, little one," and throws the question back to him: "What do you think it means?" Observing a badger decorating his burrow with berries, a family of beetles carrying grass-wrapped gifts on their backs, and geese singing carols overhead, the chipmunk asks, "Is that Christmas?" Each time, her reply is the same: "That's part of it." He finally finds his answer on Christmas morning, when he awakens to newly fallen snow and animals cavorting and singing as one. Arriving cardinals bring splashes of cheering scarlet to stylized art by Booth (Don't Tell!), offering an agreeable complement to this open-ended story of a joyful community celebrating the holiday. Ages 4-8. (Sept.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
From the author and illustrator of Night at the Stadium and Day at the Beach comes a modern holiday classic about a chipmunk who has to learn the true meaning of Christmas. <br> <br> It is Christmas Eve and Little Chipmunk asks his mother, "What is Christmas, Mama?" His Mama tells him that Christmas is many things and as they walk together through the woods, Little Chipmunk sees badgers decorating their burrow with bright red berries, ducks exchanging holidays greetings on golden leaves, beetles carrying presents on their shiny backs, and geese singing in the winter sky. Each time he asks his mother if this is Christmas, and each time she answers, that yes, this is part of Christmas.<br> <br> Night falls and Little Chipmunk and his Mama snuggle in to sleep. When he wakes up on Christmas morning, he is surprised by the wonderland that greets him: all the world is blanketed in deep snow. And, then, one by one, Chipmunk and his mother see the geese, the badgers, the ducks, and the beetles, as well as some new forest friends--all gathered to celebrate joy and friendship, beauty and wonder, love and kindness--all of what Christmas truly means.
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