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The Sacrifice Box
Fiction/Biography Profile
Young adult
Ancient manuscripts
Time Period
1982 -- 20th century
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During the summer of 1982, five unlikely friends-Sep, Arkle, Lamb, Hadley, and Mack-stumble upon a strange stone box, and to memorialize their time together, they each agree to leave something important to them inside it. They establish three simple rules: "Never come to the box alone. Never open it after dark. Never take back your sacrifice." Four years later, none of the original group has remained friendly. But when dead things begin to reanimate, and those sacrificed items make a surprising return, the group realizes that someone has broken the rules, and it's up to them to fix things. Stewart (Riverkeep) again creates an atmospheric coming-of-age story with brilliantly executed elements of horror and comic relief. He weaves in moments of laugh-out-loud, almost absurdist humor to balance the story's most frightening aspects, all the while carefully structuring a tale about growing up and leaving childhood behind. Ages 12-up. Agent: Molly Ker Hawn, Bent Agency. (Aug.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
A horror story about friendship, growing up, and finding a place in the world: Gremlins meets The Breakfast Club by way of Stephen King and Stranger Things . <br> <p>In the summer of 1982, five friends discover an ancient stone box hidden deep in the woods. They seal inside of it treasured objects from their childhoods, and they make a vow:</p> <p> Never come to the box alone. <br> Never open it after dark. <br> Never take back your sacrifice. </p> <p>Four years later, a series of strange and terrifying events begin to unfold: mirrors inexplicably shattering, inanimate beings coming to life, otherworldly crows thirsting for blood. Someone broke the rules of the box, and now everyone has to pay.</p> <p>But how much are they willing to sacrifice?</p>
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