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Rabbit & Possum
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After a frightened Possum races up a tree and gets trapped, Rabbit employs creative problem solving to get her friend back down. Rabbit proposes a variety of options, "but all her ideas made him a little uneasy." In a funny sequence, debut author-illustrator uses a series of speech balloons to showcase Rabbit's dubious plans: a beaver gnawing through the tree trunk, a trio of overtaxed birds flying Possum to safety, or a large pile of leaves that Possum might or might not land in. Eventually, Rabbit enlists the help of a tall moose-the very "monster" that scared Possum up the tree in the first place. Readers know from the start that Moose is no monster, and Possum's reactions to his fellow forest dweller seem a bit odd-has he never seen a moose before? Wulfekotte's cartoons are charming, featuring scruffy pencil detailing and watercolorlike washes of digital color, though after all of the buildup, it's strange that Possum's actual descent from the tree happens off-screen. Ages 4-8. Agent: Sean McCarthy, Sean McCarthy Literary. (Feb.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
<p>Rabbit likes to leap before she looks. Possum is a little more cautious. Together, they are a dynamic duo ready to charm fans of Frog and Toad or Toot & Puddle!</p> <p>Rabbit has been preparing all day for her best friend Possum's visit, but when the time comes she finds Possum fast asleep. No matter what Rabbit does, she just can't wake him up. But then a rustle in the bushes frightens Possum and sends him up a tree--where he gets very, very stuck. Rabbit has any number of ideas to get him down. Unfortunately, they all make Possum a little...uneasy. But best friends never give up. With a little creativity--and a big surprise--Rabbit just might be able to save the day.</p> These unlikely friends and their upbeat humor are just right for fans of Eric Rohmann's My Friend Rabbit and Kelly Bingham's Z Is for Moose.
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