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Stay with Me
Fiction/Biography Profile
Yejide (Female), Married, Struggles to get pregnant;
Akin (Male), Married, Agrees to have a second wife to have a child after Yejide struggles to get pregnant
- Australia
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Adebayo explores the toll the intense pressure to have children exacts on one Nigerian couple across two decades. Akin's large family disrupts his and Yejide's happy but childless marriage by forcing him into a polygamous marriage without his wife's knowledge. This betrayal and a last-ditch visit to a holy man convince Yejide that she is pregnant and she begins a year-long psychosomatic pregnancy. Just when she finally accepts that there will be no child, Akin's brother Dotun seduces and impregnates her. The child is eagerly welcomed as Akin's own, especially by his imposing mother. The happiness ends abruptly with the seemingly accidental death of Akin's second wife. As subsequent traumas multiply between the couple, Adebayo slowly reveals their unspoken shame by having both narrate chapters covering the same events. Yejide's strong ache to be a mother and her frustration with traditional Yoruba culture make her a complex character. Adebayo shows great promise in her debut novel. Her methodical exposure of her characters' secrets forces the reader into continual reevaluations and culminates in a tender, satisfying conclusion. (Aug.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
A New York Times Notable Book<br> The New York Times' Critics' Top Books of the Year<br> Named a Best Book of the Year by San Francisco Chronicle , National Public Radio, The Economist, Buzzfeed, Paste Magazine, Southern Living , HelloGiggles, and Shelf Awareness <br> Huffington Post's Best Feminist Books of the Year<br> The New York Post's Most Thrilling and Fascinating Books of the Year<br> The New York Public Library's Ten Best Books of the Year<br> <br> "A stunning debut novel." --Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times <br> <br> This celebrated, unforgettable first novel ("A bright, big-hearted demonstration of female spirit." - The Guardian ), shortlisted for the prestigious Women's Prize for Fiction and set in Nigeria, gives voice to both husband and wife as they tell the story of their marriage--and the forces that threaten to tear it apart. <br> <br> Yejide and Akin have been married since they met and fell in love at university. Though many expected Akin to take several wives, he and Yejide have always agreed: polygamy is not for them. But four years into their marriage--after consulting fertility doctors and healers, trying strange teas and unlikely cures--Yejide is still not pregnant. She assumes she still has time--until her family arrives on her doorstep with a young woman they introduce as Akin's second wife. Furious, shocked, and livid with jealousy, Yejide knows the only way to save her marriage is to get pregnant. Which, finally, she does--but at a cost far greater than she could have dared to imagine. An electrifying novel of enormous emotional power, Stay With Me asks how much we can sacrifice for the sake of family.
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